Water Treatment Services

Legionnaires Disease Prevention, Testing and Remediation 
Pennine Water take samples to a local independent public analyst.
Water Treatment Risk Assessment 
A Legionella Risk Assessment is required to be performed every two years, by law. With the aim of practical compliance with the HSE document "L8-The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems", one of our trained assessors will visit your site, and provide guidance on safe operating procedures for all water systems.
Water Sterilisation 
Sterilisation of water systems is essential before use, and is carried out to BS6700:1997 specifications at all new builds, and as part of planned maintenance of all existing properties.
Bacteriological Testing 
Bacteriological analysis is carried out according to strict guidelines at our independent UKAS-registered laboratory.
Tank Cleaning 
It is recommended under L8 that all potable water storage be inspected, and cleaned as necessary, at least once per annum.
Pre-commission Cleaning 
Using non-acidic formulated cleaning agents, designed not to attack materials of construction, but to remove cutting oil, jointing paste, mill scale and other material residue in a system.
Water Treatment Chemicals & Equipment 
Pennine Water supply a wide range of branded and pre-mixed chemicals for use in such systems as low pressure hot water, chilled water, cooling towers and steam boilers.

Legionnaires Disease Prevention, Testing and Remediation

Legionnaires Disease Prevention, Testing and Remediation At Pennine Water we believe that it is vitally important that as part of your companies complete water maintenance program, regular Legionella Risk Assessments are carried out.

Whilst difficult to culture legionnaire's disease in lab conditions, a poorly-maintained water system is the ideal breeding ground for legionella pneumophila, along with other harmful bacteria, such as E-Coli.

Although difficult to contract, Legionnaire's Disease can be fatal, and often has long-lasting or permanent side-effects.

Sadly, this has been highlighted several times over the years, most recently with the outbreak in Edinburgh in the June of 2012 where sadly 3 people died and a total of 95 people were confirmed to have contracted the disease. The outbreak was thought to have originated from nearby factory cooling towers.

Legionnaire's disease also known as Legionellosis is an aquatic organism that thrives in warm temperature between 25 and 45 C (or 77 and 113 F), the disease becomes especially dangerous where the water can be dispersed in to droplets. This is because Legionnaire's disease is contracted by breathing in the bacteria in small water droplets which then infects the lungs.

Our specialist team at Pennine Water carry out Legionella Risk Assessments and also a range of Specialist Legionella Testing Services, ensuring that prime importance and consideration is given to minimising, and hopefully eliminating the risks from legionnaires on any given water system.

With over 20 years of experience in the water industry, our skilled team will work to ensure that you and your staff are kept safe from any risk posed by harmful diseases that may be present in your water system.

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